Favorite academic planner

Hold your horses! I just found the perfect academic planner!

After trying bullet journaling and semi failing at it (mostly because I find it so time consuming), this is the perfect compromise.


First and foremost, it is rose gold with sliver details. It is soft to the touch… the material is similar to fake leather. If you are not into pink, Pierre Belvedere (yes that is the name of the band) is offering this same planner in a variety of colours. It is bilingual. I think it is quite a nice touch! Also, it has a year overview followed by a semester schedule template. You can also write all your grades in one place. Yes there is even a page for that! Even two, in fact! Of course, there is a monthly overview with a column for birthdays each month. So now you should start noticing how similar it is to the bullet journal system.  There are also multiple trackers every month like “goals for the month”, “sport and exercising”, “house cleaning”, “important bills” and so on. It is a weekly planner so you get a few lines per day. That will probably not be enough for me, but it is probably as many lines you can get for this size and type of planner. Speaking of the size, it is 6” x 8.25”. It has 190 pages. So not too thick either. PLUS, there are removable corners!!! YES. Simple pleasures my friend!

The only downside is that there are no stickerssss.

Now! Let’s take a moment to appreciate this amazing spiral notebook by Alison Gordon Studio. Intelligence is beautiful. Yes, please!

Pierre Belvedere 2017-2018 academic planner

Alison Gordon Studio Spiral notebook

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