Banana leaf, palm leaf, monstera leaf… IGK Call Time.

As you may all know already, all summer long, we live in a banana leaf print frenzy. The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel’s wallpaper became the new muse for a lot of creative directors. Of course, all sorts of products came out with leaf patterns ranging from the oh-so famous banana leaf and the bird of paradise leaf (palm leaf), to the monstera leaf. Everything with a leaf print on it was the new go-to item for most of the influencers out there.

As a #TheInternetMadeMeBuyIt moment, I purchased the IGK Call Time styling primer. Probably brainwashed by this banana leaf phenomenon… whilst shopping at Sephora, I found this super attractive packaging. I HAD TO TRY IT (it would look so good in my white tiled bathroom).



After using it for a few months now, I cannot say for sure that my hair looks nicer because of this specific product. But! I can assure you that it is most definitely a nice detangling mist. Actually, it does way more than that. It protects my hair when I blow dry it and leaves it super soft and wavy when air dried. Everything on the label seems to be true. Plus, it smells hairdresser-nice. Very delicate and fresh. Surprisingly (in a good way), this hair product is way more than just a pretty face!


IGK Call Time styling primer

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